HistoCrypt 2022 in Amsterdam – A Video made by Klaus Schmeh

My good friend and crypto author and blogger Klaus Schmeh made a really nice video about HistoCrypt 2022 (you can see me a couple of times in the video :-)), which took place last week in Amsterdam. I was also in Amsterdam and had the opportunity to present our work on Maximilian II ciphers together with Michelle Waldispühl, as well as to present CrypTool 2 in the poster session.

HistoCrypt 2022 was a great event where every talk was fascinating for crypto enthusiasts and researchers. Next year, HistoCrypt 2023 will likely be held in Munich, and the following HistoCrypt 2024 will likely be in Oxford.

Over the next weeks, I will probably also create a video and show some of the highlights of HistoCrypt 2022.

HistoCrypt 2022 – Video made by Klaus Schmeh

Visit Klaus Schmeh’s blog here: http://www.cipherbrain.de

Visit the HistoCrypt website: https://www.histocrypt.org

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